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The Lowdown on White Noise

If you’re a soon-to-be or new parent you’re going to hear a lot about “white noise”. So, what is it?

White noise is commonly used when falling asleep and played to improve sleep throughout the night. To produce white noise every frequency that the human ear is capable of hearing is played in a random order at the same amplitude. The sound is similar to a “shush”. That’s why many parents “shush” their babies to sleep. 

White noise creates a “blanket of sound” which helps people sleep through changes in sound consistency (i.e. a door being slammed, something breaking, etc.).

In addition to white noise, there is black noise which is literal silence, pink noise which is deeper to white noise (comparable to rain or rustling leaves), and brown noise is rougher, resembling the sound of a river or strong wind. 

Keep in mind though according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that white machine machines should be kept at least 7 feet away from your baby’s crib or child sleeping and be kept below the maximum volume setting. It is recommended that the volume not exceed 50 decibels due to increased risk of problems with hearing, language and speech development. 

While many parents opt to purchase a white noise machine, they can be expensive and have limited sound options. 

Storybook, despite being your guide to infant massage and reflexology, will soon be offering a new white noise feature. So, forget the expensive white noise machine and download Storybook today! 


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