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The Importance of Attachment and Pregnancy

Attachment is an essential need of all human beings. You can think of it as an invisible connection and close relationship between people, but it’s especially important for children and care taker (usually mom or dad). Attachment is vital also in children’s development, both physically and emotionally.

It is believed that attachment starts even before a baby’s birth, during pregnancy. Attachment during pregnancy includes the mother and father’s interaction with their growing baby. This relationship is important because of its influence on attachment after birth.

So, you’re probably wondering “How can I form an attachment with my baby?”.

Babies can hear from 16 weeks, possibly earlier on from the womb. They are able to hear their mother’s voice most clearly but also others. Listening to your voice not only helps them developing their hearing but lets them get to know your voice which will help them feel safe and secure. So, try talking and singing to your baby.

You must love your baby, but remember love and attachment are not the same thing. Attachment relies on the idea of keeping your child consistently cared for and safe.

After birth, touch is very important for both your child’s development and forming attachment. Many parents practice “skin-to-skin” where they lay their unclothed baby on their bare chest.

Massage is also a great way to build attachment and it gives your baby the necessary touch they need. Try massaging your baby after their bath or when changing their clothes. Make eye contact as well.

In addition to building attachment, massage can help your baby’s sleep quality, regulate their respiration, help decrease stress and help with their digestion and colic.

But don’t feel overwhelmed, especially if this is your first child. Storybook is here to help. Storybook offers 5 stories to listen to while you massage your belly. You can also try muting the audio and reading the story so your baby hears your voice instead.

So take a couple of minutes a day to form an attachment with your little one.







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