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Storybook App: 1’000.000 downloads

We are celebrating 1’000.000 downloads in 150 countries in the world. Daniela and Francisco (our co-founders) created this App without knowing even a single line of coding. They quit their jobs to get fully involved in this venture. They hired, as well as partnered, with developers to bring out the idea to life.

Today, Story Book is the only app in the world which brings together infant massaging techniques, storytelling and music to help the development of our little ones. 

The massaging techniques used in this app are inspired by Shantala, an Indian massaging technique for babies. “We are taking this mainstream through Storybook app”, Francisco says. Ultimately, it is not about how proficient your technique is, but how you show  physical affection to your kids, that creates a stronger bond.

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We prepare for everything in life; for work, for college, but no one teaches you how to be a parent. To many, raising a child is the single most important responsibility in their lives and Storybook App is here to help. 

If you want to know more about our app, check out this interview:

Storybook Logo

Storybook helps your little ones fall asleep, improve discomforts and connect with them through massages, stories and music.

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