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Little Ones and the Importance of Routine

Routines are undeniably important for little ones. Routines help children feel safe and secure, bringing consistency to their lives, especially in times of change (moving, divorce, new brother/sister, COVID pandemic). Routine is very important is raising “well-adjusted” children. Routines also set children up with good habits in life.We all know that life can be stressful, well… routine gives predictability and familiarity to children. If you have a school-aged child, they were probably well adapted to their school day routine (especially before the pandemic).

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Now more than ever it is important to establish and maintain a routine at home for children of all ages.Home routines can dedicate time to play, learning, family-time, and bedtime. Make sure to find quality time with your little one. We suggest reading, cooking, watching a movie, meditating, or exercising together. Don’t forget to also be teaching your child about the benefits of good hygiene, especially hand washing.

It is recommended to incorporate new habits in connection with already established ones. So if you’d like to incorporate a massage into their routine, do so before bedtime, or if you’d like them to clean their room, incorporate it after lunchtime. Remember consistency is key, so you must do things regularly if you want them to stick.Keeping a schedule is important. While it isn’t necessary to do everything at the same exact time to the minute, try to do things around the same time. Also, keep in mind not to add too many new things at once. Adding one new thing to your routine a week is plausible, adding too much will be overwhelming for your little one.Home routines are also a great place to be teaching long-term behaviors (i.e. boundaries, rewards, consequences).

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Many aspects of your routine can depend upon others, such as: playtime after homework is done or dessert after they finish their dinner.Bedtime routines can include dinner, a warm bath, a nice massage (with help from Storybook, of course), a bedtime story, and a sweet goodnight kiss.Try to keep to your routine as much as you can to help your child adjust to changes in life. Make your home a “safe bubble” and don’t forget, every routine isn’t complete without a Storybook massage. Help your little one relax after a long day and prepare them for bed with Storybook!

Source: Melbourne Child Psychology & School Psychology Services


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