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International Day of the Girl

In 2021 the Generation Equality Forum lunched a five-year commitment and plan for solutions to gender inequality. One of the main focuses was equal access to the internet and digital devices to facilitate girls’ opportunities.

Education, literacy and digital inclusion open access to new avenues of learning, earning and leading. The COVID-19 pandemic has especially deepened the gender divide. With more girls losing access to internet and devices.

However, as a parent of a daughter you may be thinking about today “How can I empower and advance my own daughter?” especially in today’s world. Well, it starts at home.

First, I recommend some feminist themed children’s books. Some of our favorites are: The Paper Bag Princess, Dear Girl, Dress Like a Girl, What Are Little Girls Made of, Mary Wears What She Wants, and Goodnight Lab. These books highlight that girls are able to wear what they want and all the many jobs they can do. “The Paper Bag Princess” is even about a princess who must save her prince. These books all demonstrate the capability of girls and women.

Second, think about how you talk to your daughter. Many people focus on the beauty of little girls, but compliment her on her strength, courage or good heart. Daily affirmations are also a good practice to do with your daughter. I particularly like: I am brave, I am kind, I a helpful, I am strong, I am smart, I am grateful, I am loved, I am enough.

Next, always be a support and encourage her that she can do anything. Curate her interests whether they be ballet, soccer or martial arts. There is no such thing as “boy activities” and “girl activities”, my daughter personally loves soccer and climbing, she loves dinosaurs and cars too. It’s important to not limit your children or their interests.

Remember the world is unequal for little girls and many people are going to tell them they can’t, you are here to teach them that they can do anything.

Storybook can also help you empower your daughter. Listen to stories about girls and how they overcome challenges such as their first day back to school or learning to sleep in her own bed. Storybook offers a wide array of girl characters to help your daughter learn, relax and drift off to sleep.


Storybook Logo

Storybook helps your little ones fall asleep, improve discomforts and connect with them through massages, stories and music.

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