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Reading to your child or listening to stories has a world of benefits. These benefits include: improved pronunciation, fluency, time management, focus, attention span, comprehension and memory, as well as building critical listening and thinking skills. Reading or listening to stories can further help build emotional intelligence, empathy, and boost your child’s mental health. Reading is also shown to reduce stress, contribute positively to your child’s brain development, improve logic, and enhance your little one’s language and communication skills. Some stories are even educational, so help your child get ahead with a good bedtime story.

The Storybook app has a lot to offer, including step by step infant massage sessions and techniques, large music and story libraries, as well as short poems and guided meditation. Some of Storybook’s stories are lighthearted and fun while others will help you build your child’s emotional intelligence, sleep train, or teach your child lessons. All of Storybook stories are a great way to connect and find quality time with your little one, building child-parent attachment. Some of our stories are educational as well. 

Learn about the solar system with the story The Solar System Space Mission, Carnival with the story Carnival in Rio, the differences between people with A World of Eggs, the water cycle in Letty the Little Droplet,  Easter, Christmas, the Bible and more. Storybook has over 50 stories in its library and new stories are added monthly. 

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So, not only will you be building a secure attachment with your child and getting them all the benefits of infant massage, but they can also learn something new with Storybook. 

The best stories will include a moral, so don’t forget to talk the story over with your child (depending on their age) to make sure they get the most out of it. Other educational stories will help teach your child about their feelings or include characters they can identify with. If your child has down syndrome try listening to Storybook’s A Fantastic Girl or if they are missing a limb, like Samuel, try listening to The Treasure Chest.  Storybook really has a story for everyone. 

With so many benefits and things to offer, what are you waiting for? Try the Storybook app today with your child. Storybook offers a FREE 7-day trial to all new users, after that, decide if you’d like to keep the limited but free version of the app or go Premium for unlimited access to all Storybook has to offer. Storybook will be the perfect excuse to spend more time with your child. So, end the day the right way, with Storybook. 


Storybook Logo

Storybook helps your little ones fall asleep, improve discomforts and connect with them through massages, stories and music.

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