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Being a Parent and Self-care

Being a parent is a full time job and a half. Whether you are a stay-at-home-parent or work, your children are never far from your thoughts. We always can find something to worry about, such as school pick up and drop off, extracurricular activities, if they are eating or sleeping enough, etc. This list is never ending, however don’t forget about you in the process.

It is also our job as a parent to be alright and take care of ourselves so that we can take care of our children. Having time to yourself and doing something for yourself is vital.

Whether it is a hot shower or a trip to the hair salon, find time for you. Maybe you haven’t had time to do your hobby recently, make time. I enjoy a little bit of watercolor painting or reading when time permits, though I know the more I take care of myself, the better care taker I am for my children too.

You can also teach your child about self-care and mental health. Practice conscious breathing or meditation with our new stories. Take a nature walk or treat yourself to an ice cream or eating out.

Our society sometimes applauds hard work so much, even over working when we should really be prioritizing our physical and mental health.

So while being a parent might be your most important job, it isn’t your only job. Don’t forget about yourself once you are a parent. While we might need to put ourselves last, it doesn’t mean we can’t sometimes put ourselves first.

Talk to your partner or family member about watching your little ones and make the time to see a movie or buy yourself something nice. It doesn’t have to be an entire day either, take a half hour or hour long break and recharge for your little ones. If your children are old enough explain to them that you need some “me time” or “mommy/daddy time”. Although separating from our children can be hard, remember everyone needs a break, so take a break for you.

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